Comte de Brismand Champagne Brut

Lidl Comte de Brismand ChampagneLidl’s Comte de Brismand Champagne has had its fair share of press coverage of late, due mainly to its bargain basement price. However, it would be unfair to say this is the only reason it has won so many plaudits as it compares favourably against most own brand alternatives as well as some lower priced Champagne brands.

In 2012 Comte de Brismand achieved a bronze at the Decanter World Wine Awards  and a silver at the International Wine & Spirit Competition.

Reviews are generally very good but, as always with budget Champagnes, bear in mind expectations are not as high as if they would be when paying top dollar.

The Irish Independent said:  “…all the taste and prestige of champagne at half the price”

Richard Vines for Bloomberg News said “I like this a lot, actually. Lidl? Go on Lidl, that’s good.” 7/10.”

Jonathan Ray for the Telegraph said “…it is crisp and toasty with plenty of weighty fruit and, when served well-chilled, pretty much passes muster.”

Comte de Brismand is no longer available at Lidl – check out their current Champagne range here